If interested in exhibiting or purchasing any artwork, please contact:

Sandra Koponen at: untyte.ra@gmail.com


Sandra Koponen (b. 1961) is an artist in NYC.  Prior to her entry into oil painting in 2012, she worked in photography, video,  music and journalism. She still composes and plays music.  Since she began painting, she works quickly and is prolific.  Her imagery is drawn  from life, dream, and memory.  Subjects range from topical issues (political, social and environmental) and historical events to ephemeral moments such as sunlight cast on a building.  Paint is applied quickly and thickly and her paintings are getting more abstract.  She has been exhibiting her work since 2013, had her first solo show in a Chelsea gallery (NYC) in 2017 and has received mention in the The NY Times, Vice News, and other publications.




Transmogrified Weather,  Sla307 Art Space, New York, NY,  11/10-12/9

Nail-a-thon; Participatory Sculpture/Performance, Streets of the East Village,  New York, NY, 4/28



Nasty WomenKnockdown Center, Queens, NY


Hands: Art Craft Alive,  Calibar Gallery, New York, NY  

Smart Dust, Sla307 Art Space, New York, NY

Made in Ridgewood, Outpost Gallery, Queens, NY

Fun House, Art of the Surreal, Fantastic & BizarreBarrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY, Juried. Juror Eve Biddle,

The Greatest Art Never Seen, 188 Stanton St., New York, NY

Hyper Group Show, Superchief Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Berning Up Brooklyn!  The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY

Seeking Space.  Be Electric, Brooklyn, NY,   Juried.  

Bushwick Open Studios, Queens, NY

Benefit Auction, Sla307 Art Space, New York, NY,  Juried.

Making History, Bushwick Open Studio Auction. Storefront Gallery, Brooklyn, NY  

Respond, Smack Mellon Gallery, Brooklyn, NY,  Juried.  


Bushwick Open Studios. Queens, NY  


Curate NYC; Top 150, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY,  Juried.  

CURRICULUM VITAE available upon request.